Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download is a shooter game developed and published by Valve Corporation. The game has a very interesting story-line. In this game players has to complete the mission of killing enemies by joining some team. There are total 3 teams in the game from which he has to choose any team of his own choice. There are several maps in the story which may vary in each play and the main objective of game also depends on those maps. Sometimes the player has to fix the bomb somewhere and has to explode that bomb. The other group will try to disarm that bomb. But the player has to keep them out from that location and if they come he has to fight with them and has to kill them. At some occasions player with the help of other terrorist has to kidnap any group of people and have to save that place from the counter terrorist. If the other group successfully free those people from the player’s group then the player may lose the game. You can also download similar game The Sims 2 University Life from our website.

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